Calls to 34 countries !!!

The Iring24APP offers unlimited* calls to 34 countries landline / mobile and 33 countries landline only. You need a smartphone, the Iring24APP and Wi-Fi, or Internet (data bundle).

The only thing you need to do is listen to a short commercial while we connect your call. You can make and receive calls ANYWHERE in the world (including cruise ships) as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

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Up to 1500 free minutes per month MAKE YOUR FREE CALLS NOW !!!

Iring24App connects you to 34 countries landline / mobile / cell for FREE. The only thing you do is listen to an advertisement whilst we connect your call. Click on the MORE button to see which countries are FREE !!!

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Make and receive calls even on a cruise ship !!!

Iring24App makes life much easier while abroad. Connect to the local Wi-Fi and you can make and RECEIVE free calls. Even on board a cruise ship you can make and receive calls as long as you have Internet access. (On board the ship you may have to buy Internet credit).

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Cheap call rates !!!

You wish to make calls to countries outside the FREE bundle? No problem, you can buy call credit and make cheap calls to these countries. You want to know the rates? Click on the MORE button and see how much more you can profit from the Irring24 APP

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Welcome to Iring24

We DID it!

We developed the Iring24APP. We were looking for ways to make Unlimited* Cheap Calls, Anytime and Anywhere and we did and now we want you to profit from this APP as well.

You need:
  • A smartphone, tablet or PC

    • Apple OS
    • Samsung and all other Android OS
    • Blackberry OS
    • Nokia Windows OS or Symbian OS
  • Wi-Fi:

    Anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi connection.

  • G3/G4 data:

    This you can only use in your own country if you have data in your package. If not, do not use your data as you will be charged for roaming.

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Recommend the Iring24APP to friends and family and earn free minutes outside your call bundle.


Having come across this exiting new App I wish everybody to be able to make use of it! For people with a lot of contacts abroad, it is the best thing available to be in touch with each one of them by telephone, to hear their voices as if they were standing next to you and to know that there is no time limit to your communication experience. Wow, what a find....

Rose Marie - St. Maarten, West Indies